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Welcome to Reasonable Faith Perth

Topics and dates to be decided for 2023

Drinks (water, tea, coffee) and individually packaged snacks will be available.

Parking is available at the Rowland street car park.


Potential Future Topics

Is Jesus God?

Are miracles possible?

Can we trust the oral transmission period of the gospel?

Are the new testament manuscripts reliable?

Does the Bible contain the right books?

How do you explain contradictions in the Bible?

Is the concept of God coherent?

Is the doctrine of the trinity coherent?

Is the doctrine of the atonement defensible?

Could a God of love send people to Hell?

Understanding the God of the Old Testament?

The Sovereignty of God and Human Freewill?

Understanding our Muslim Friends

Understanding our Buddhist Friends

Understanding our Hindu Friends

The challenge of the new atheists

Humanism: A dialogue

Assessing Leibniz cosmological argument

Assessing the ontological argument

An Argument from beauty?

Do humans have a soul?

Is Christianity sexist?

Does the Bible endorse slavery?

A Christian view of sexuality and gender?

Apologetic Methods

Previous Meetings

Loke's Evil, Sin and Christian Theism handout.

The State of Apologetics: Defending the Faith in a COVID World handout

An overview of the case for and against Christianity by David Graieg handout

Does God exist? by David Graieg handout

Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? by David Graieg handout

Is the Bible Reliable? by David Graieg handout 

The problem of evil by David Graieg handout

Did God command genocide? by David Graieg handout

Has Science Killed God? by Paul Whitfield handout 

Is Faith Rational? By Bruno Tomadon Handout

A Review of Hugh Mackay's book Beyond Belief quotes for a discussion

Assessing the Kalam Cosmoslogical Argument by David Graieg handout

Assessing the Teleological Argument (fine tuning / design) by David Graieg handout

Is Young Earth Creationism the most biblically correct option and how does this impact our understanding of science? A Dialogue with Cheow Yew and Bruno Tomadon handout

Answering Tough Questions by Heidi Ramer handout

Could God become a Man? Making Sense of the Incarnation by David Graieg handout

Assessing the Moral Argument by David Graieg handout

Divine Hiddenness: Why isn't God more obvious? by David Graieg handout

Was Jesus another "dying and rising" Savior? by Robert Rowe handout

Are there credible non-Christian sources for a historical Jesus? by Jordan Thyer handout

Pluralism: Are there many ways to God? by David Graieg handout

A Review of Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion handout

Faith and Suffering – A View from the Coalface Speaker by Dr. Bruce Robinson audio

Why Christianity is Probably True by Brian Harris audio

The Beloved Disciple as a Witness of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus by Michael Kok handout

Should There Be a Christian Mission in a Pluralistic World? by Dan Cole

Why Everyone’s A Worshipper (Yes, Even You) with Stephen McAlpine

What can Christian parents do to help their children survive high school? with Jean-Pierre Schroeder

Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

This short video introduces the historical case for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Did the Universe have a Beginning?

Learn more about the philosophical and scientific evidence behind the universe coming into existence, and how these support the existence of God.

Can we be good without God?

Find about why the objective moral values and duties that we all sense innately support the existence of God.

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